7 Days of Social Media Gain Ok, it doesn't say that, but this article includes some great marketing ideas

AddThis.com  A widget that can be added to your websites which allow customers and you to spread your site virally to all Social Networking sites.

Facebook - 5 Tips for Working with the new Rules of Facebook 2015 saw a big change in Facebook.  Here is how to stay on top of your game.

Facebook - Ads Official FB page for creating an ad on FB. 

Facebook - Ads Best Practices Creating a news feed vs a right hand ad.

Facebook - Business Manager
a Complete Guide Navigate this powerful tool with this guide.

Facebook - Boosted Post  A video on an easy way to generate more leads.  A testimonial on the benefits of Boosted Posts. An example of the results.
Another example with the results.  Here is a FB Ad for listings example.

Facebook Canvas A powerful way to market your business.

Facebook - Create a Business Page Official FB page for creating a business page.

Facebook - Debugger Not getting an option to choose a photo with your post?  Use this tool.

Facebook - Embed a Posts This new feature will allow you to share public posts in your blogs and websites via code.

Facebook - Embed a Video This feature allows you to embed videos shared publicly on Facebook into your blogs and websites via code.  Additional instructions on how to do this.

Facebook Live Streaming Is this the next big evolution of Facebook?

Facebook Live Tips Use these to make the most out of your videos.

Facebook Live from Your Desktop Use this tool to create amazing videos from your office.

Facebook Target Marketing Great ways to advertise the KW mobile app from the contest winner - John Pohly.

Facebook.com/Username This only works when you are logged into Facebook!  Set a name for your Facebook account and your Business Page that you can promote

Foursquare.com Check in and check it out for yourself.

Hootsuite.com Powerful and easy way to update your Social Media sites.

KW Blog Great information that can be easily added to your social networking sites.

NextDoor.com Create a free easy site to manage for your neighborhood.

PearlTrees.com Organize your favorite websites and share it with customers.

Pinstamatic Spruce up the look of your Pinterest boards.

Pinterest is the hottest social media site. Here are some helpful links: Pinterest for Business and
18 Board ideas for real estate professionals. Build trust and customer loyalty with Pinterest and use the new look of Pinterest

Pinterest - Mapping Place Pins
Create a map of the local places of interest.  Great for marketing for your niche areas.

Pinvolve Automatically sync your Pinterest and Facebook accounts.

SocialBios.com  A great value for clients that find you on Realtor.com.  Definitely something to keep up to date.

Do you have some friends on Facebook that can post annoying things?  You can fix that!

Social Media Examiner A GREAT resource for expanding your brand, content and lead capture on all social media platforms.

TweetDeck.com App for Mac or PC users

Twitterfeed.com Feed your blog's RSS feed to your twitter and facebook accounts.